Thornhill Welcomes Canadian Curlers

Thu, Nov 18th 2010 at 12:00 am - 2:00 am

Thornhill and District Rotary Club recently hosted a team of Rotarian curlers from Canada. The curlers from Ontario were part of a long-standing exchange tour where the Canadians visit Scotland every four years. The Canadians were on a month long trip as guests of Rotary Clubs throughout Scotland, with two days set aside as guests of the Thornhill Club.

The Thornhill programme included a curling match at Lockerbie ice Rink, where the Canadians emerged as narrow winners over the Thornhill club, followed by an evening of food and fellowship at Moniaive's Three Glens restaurant.

Rotarian Eric Armstrong from Ottowa said 'This has been a wonderful experience. We have had a very warm welcome everywhere we went throughout our Scottish tour. Our stay with the Thornhill Club has been rather special.'

Picture shows the Canadian Rotarians with their Thornhill and District hosts and Thornhill President Ed Hunter at the Three Glens Restaurant.


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