Now the Social Stroll

Sun 12th June 2011

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Derek picked super weather for his inaugural stroll on 12th June 2011 and in a couple of hours we walked the Queens Way from Drumlanrig Bridge to Burnmouth.

Thanks to Fye and Margaret the picnic at Burnmouth was a splendid affair in a lovely setting. A few hardy soles (or is it souls?)walked back to the cars before the hinted rain descended.

Two more ran back to their car but young love does that sort of thing to you so we are told. Seriously we were very pleased that Joan could join us for the first time at a Thornhill event and we hope it is the first of many in the future.

However was ever a Thornhill Vice President seen dressed like this before?

Everest next or Snowdon or somewhere flat? Certainly we will slow the young guns at the front down a bit next time.

Thanks Derek - a great social.