Collection for Aquabox & Shelterbox

Sat, Nov 5th 2011 at 12:00 am - 2:00 am

Collection by kind permission of Gordale Nurseries
in aid of Aquaboxes and Shelterboxes for relief of future disasters.

Thanks to all who helped especially Keith Foggin and Eddie Williamson

'What We Do' Main Pages:

Mid Wirral stand at Earthfest 2023, West Kirby

Information on 3rd Dec community action

Rotary clubs on the Wirral working with the Wirral Borough Council and local community to rehabilitate Gayton Meadow in Heswall

Opening of Kitchen Garden and Butterfly garden

Members of Mid Wirral worked with Heswall Primary School staff and school council to create 2 raised plant beds to attract butterflies

Preparation of Wildflower meadow

New Project for the newly created Environment Group, set up by the Rotary Clubs of Heswall, Mid Wirral and West Wirral

Job completed, admired by the Presidents of West Wirral and Mid Wirral

To support tree and hedge planting on Wirral, two splendid hedgerows have been planted up by members of the Rotary Clubs of Mid Wirral and West Wirral, despite some adverse weather conditions.

Goblin race in 2022 -Courtesy of Greenpower Foundation

Rotary Club of Mid Wirral are co-sponsoring a project with the HIVE Wirral Youth Zone to design, and assemble a GOBLIN electric car with kit supplied by Greenpower Foundation and then race it in 2023 .

Sherpa Samdan of Classrooms in the Clouds visits Mid Wirral on his fundraising tour of UK

The project is to create a Learning Centre and 2 Learning Hubs providing 3 fully stocked libraries and associated resources to provide lifetime learning at existing school facilities in Lukla, Garma and Hunga - 3 villages in the Lower Solu Khumbu


The Rotary Club of Mid Wirral ably assisted by the Cub Scouts of Barnston collected litter from Banks Road to the Dee Sailing Club