Overseas Communities

Our current main focus is on helping to rebuild in Nepal following the devastating earthquakes

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Our focus is always to watch for ways we can help where help is needed. When disaster strikes in remote parts of the world, we often send a Shelterbox, which will help a family to survive in the grimmest conditions. Or we send an Aquabox or other water filter equipment to provide clean water.

With Rotary Clubs throughout the world, we are often able to work directly with a local Rotary club, close at hand and able to assess what aid is needed, so we can ensure that money raised goes directly to those in need. 

We have supported a wide range of projects over the years, from sending shoeboxes to Eastern Europe full of useful household items, to building Sand Dams in Africa. See links to pictures and write ups from some of our projects below.

In Nepal, following the devastating earthquakes, we developed a training programme for stonemasons, so new buildings can resist earthquakes in future. We are currently working hard to equip five schools in Nepal which are being rebuilt, providing them with everything from sanitation and electricity to books and pencils.