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Our International Service Committee  works to enable Rotarians to promote world understanding and peace through World Community Service and Rotary Friendship Programmes by Rotarians and with Rotary Clubs across the world.

The Club  raises funds for carefully selected overseas projects dedicated to the relief of poverty, famine and suffering.

 Overseas assistance has been sent to India, Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia and other places where a small donation can have a direct and significant impact on the health, education or agriculture. In each case we ensure that our assistance is monitored carefully and are fortunate that one of our Rotarians has a position that enables him to visit our projects on a regular basis.  

As a club we have:

  • bought and filled numerous Aquaboxes

  • sent Shelterboxes for use in overseas disaster areas

  • sent Christmas presents directly to Romania in Shoeboxes

  • supported the education of two children in Indian via the Little Drops Charity

  • Our biggest international enterprise over the past 3 years has been Sand Dams, the provision of clean drinking water to communities in East Africa.

  • We are about to look at a project in Malawi in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Inverness Culloden