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Some of the money we raise, from events or donations, is given to charities and organisations operating internationally, including our own Rotary Foundation.

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The International Committee meets to consider help and assistance with disasters such as flood, earthquake, or famine and any human suffering by sending money or providing help via Shelterbox.

The International Committee has a lighter side and a social input as well. The club is linked with the  Rotary Clubs of Mannheim Kurpfalz, La Spezia and Toulon. Our link with Mannheim dates from 1988 with many goodwill visits between the clubs. We visited Toulon in May 2023 to help celebrate their 75th Charter Anniversary.



Foundation is Rotary International's charity, one of the largest charities in the world.  Each Club is tasked to raise up to $100US per member per annum.  This is done through personal gifts and donations as well as other means.  For example, members were asked to raise funds by holding tea parties using tea caddies provide by Yorkshire Tea.

The funds raised each year are invested for three years.  The interest earned is used to pay for any administration costs before any interest remaining plus the whole of the funds originally raised are then used.  The many projects include:-

Matching Grants, for example, helping a 3rd world community where funds raised by a Club are 'matched' by funds from Foundation.

Group Study Exchange Teams where, under a Rotarian leader, a small team of young people go to another country to find out conditions locally, at first hand, to see how their jobs are carried out there.

Polio Plus Partners where Rotary has been the leader for 20 years in the project to eliminate polio around the world.


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more The club has recently started to support Tools For Self Reliance, an organisation purely voluntary, that renovates tools and distributes them to countries in need.

Every year thousands of communities, often with no warning, lose their homes, their possessions and their livelihoods. Every day they are faced with a battle for survival.


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