Our Community and Vocational Service Committee Projects.

Local and National Community Projects

Newport Pagnell Rotary - Community/ Vocational Committee Activities.

This combined Community and Vocational Committee arranges and supports projects and programmes relaed to local community issues and  Rotary approved chariteable organisations..Its main  activity centres around collecting money for donating to Milton Keynes' local Willen Hospice, which Newport Pagnell Rotary has been supporting for over 25 years. (We are always looking for help with collections, so get in touch if you want to give some time 'shaking a bucket'.)

Other events/ programmes which the VOCOM committee organises are contributions towards the local Christmas Lights, Newport Pagnell Hgh Street hanging baskets, Christmas trees for local schools in the town and surrounding villages.

Members are also involved in organising a Frugal Lunch, Youth competitions, a Summer Concert in the local church and a May Fayre and Car Boot Sale which will was inaugurated for tghe first time in My 2019. The next May Fayre is planned to take place in May, 2021.

We have also made a contribution in co-operation with Newport Pagnell Town Council and other clubs to the local Assisted Swimming Club.

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Help us to Help our Charities, 2020/21

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Our Collections November/ December, 2019

Bucket Collections 2019

more Results of our recent Collections.

Frugal Lunch - 2020

more A choice of eight soups and numerous desserts constitutes the Club' annual early year social event.

Newport Pagnell Assisted Swimming Club

more Based at the Middleton Pool, Newport Pagnell

Christmas Trees for Schools - 2010 to 2019

more Santa was out and about distributing Christmas Trees to schools in Newport Pagnell and surrounding villages.