Community Projects

The Club supports a number of projects within our local community.

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  1. Right to  Read;            Members regularly visit four Primary Schools in the Dale to hear children reading and help them progress. Much valued by the children, teachers, and Rotarian
  2. Interschool Challenge; Wensleydale Rotary Club gives a small sum of money to each Primary School in the Dale and challenges them to increase it by whatever means for charity. 
  3. Flowers at Christmas;            Members take around 80 flowering plants to old people living on their own who appreciate a visit and chat.
  4. Christmas Meals on Wheels;            The Club pays for the Christmas meals distributed throughout the Dale by the WRVS.
  5. Christmas Cards;            The Club runs a competition amongst Year 7 (1st year) at Wensleydale School for the design of a Christmas Card suitable to accompany the Christmas Meals and flowers. Prizes are given and the best design used for printing the cards, with a message from the President and the winners name on the back.
  6. Carer to Scarborough;            Every year the Club arranges for a carer to have a week long holiday in a hotel in Scarborough after helping them find somewhere for the cared for person to be looked after. The carer is taken to and from Scarborough by a Rotarian, and while there, he/she has the opportunity to meet many other carers in the same position as themselves, who have also been taken by many other Rotary Clubs in Yorkshire. The Rotary  Club of Scarborough arranges a full programme of entertainment. The carers are always very appreciative of the well earned break from all responsibilities.
  7. School Bursary Fund;            The Club initiated and continues to provide funds for Wensleydale School to use for the express purpose of allowing children from disadvantaged families to experience extra-curricular activities such as trips abroad, which would otherwise be denied them.
  8. Helping the Environment;            In 2004/5 the Club provided and helped plant 122 trees in 21 villages as part of the Rotary International Centenary. The previous year, 200 daffodil bulbs were planted on the approaches to Leyburn.
  9. Deserving local causes;            Every year the Club receives requests from local people for help with funding a huge variety of projects which will help either individuals or whole communities.

Annual report from Chairman Rtn George Chadwick 20/5/14  

School Bursary.
Only 6 Primary Schools required a bursary this year. Cost £2,040 + £1500 to Wensleydale School.                 TOTAL COST £3,540.
(24 Children were able to attend Residential Trips ,who would otherwise Not been able to attend)

Christmas Plants.
Ordered and delivered 44 Plants to widows in the community. Didn't have Wensleydale School design the Christmas Cards which accompanied the plants, this year, so had to purchase some                                        TOTAL COST £151.80p

 Carer to Scarborough.
Find a suitable carer.
Fund the Carers Holiday.
Arrange Transport to Scarborough
Arrange Carers return transport after the holiday
Ensure substitute carer at home
Arranged through RC Scarborough.(Mr Ward enjoyed his holiday very much) NOT as easy as it may seem to find Carers. TOTAL COST £440.
BOOKED one place for this years Holiday, later than usual AUG/SEPT. at a cost of 45O (To be paid before end of June 2014.

Inter-Primary School Challenge 

All 7 Primary Schools in Wensleydale participate annually for a shield purchased by Rotary at a cost of £31.50
Each School given a small amount £40. TOTAL COST £280+31.50= £310.50
To make as much money as possible by whatever means for a Charity ,named by Rotary Last year RABI Royal Agricultural Benevelant Institution
Received £l,217.15p Presented Shield and cheque to school and Charity Chairman at winning School.
Reporter from Darlington and Stockton Paper attended,published details together with a photograph of event.Good publicity for Rotary,School and Charity
This years challenge is on the agenda at the next Cluster Heads meeting later in the term. TOTAL COST £310.15.

 One Off Payments.
Club has made many one off donations to local Charities/worthwhile Causes.
£250 Donated to Herriot Hospice Homecare.
£150 to Askrigg Playgroup To tidy over a temporary shortfall problem (Significant drop in attendance until after Easter
£100 donated to 'Just the job appeal .Environmental Enterprises Ltd
£430 donated to Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme - Sarah Kowalski over booked and participants dropped out
£200 donation to St Teresa Hospice to Mary Lovell
£10 for a bunting of Wensleydale Rotary Club, to be flown whenever Askrigg display flags on whatever occasion the village has.
£100 donated to National Search & Rescue Dog Association NSARDA Ellie Stansfield African Project donation of  


            In order to raise money for the Club Charity Account and therefore be able to fund the above, the Club holds several regular events;

  • Wensleydale Wander every April
  • James Herriot Country Trail Run every July
  • Night Watchmen at Leyburn Food and Drink Festival every May
  • Tombola at Wensleydale Show every August