Polio Eradication

Now only 3 countries affected. Our club continues to raise and donate funds to continue the fight to rid this disease from the world

Many years ago an attempt was started to eliminate Polio from theworld.In1985 when our club became involved the disease ocurred in over 135countries.Now just 3 are affected by this disease.

One of our own members visited India twice to participate in a mass immunisation,a programme that has been highly successful such that India has been Polio free since 2014. Pakistan, Ahghanistan and Nigeria are actively working . Rotary is involved as well as other bodies such as WHO. Bill Gates funds the programme actively and boosts money raised by Rotary 3 fold so £1 becomes £3.

We have been planting crocuses locally to raise awareness . Children had their small finger painted purple to denote receiving the vaccine and 'purple pinkie' was born. Our crocus(s) in Friarwood Valley Gardens, East Hardwick ,Pontefract Park and local gardens will bloom purple in spring to remind you

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