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New Lanark Mill Hotel

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President Alistair Entertaining Ladies at Lanimer Lunch

Lanimer Lunch 2012

more Lanimer Lunch 2012

Santas at Stanmore


Annual PR Report


Chick Young and Jimmy Stirling with the Club President.

Sportsman's Dinner 2009

more Friday 17th April 2009, Ravenstruther Hall.

2009 Rotary Club of Lanark, Annual Summary


Purple Pinkie Success


lanimer lunch 2010

more guests photos

Donations to Local Charities 2010


Presentation to St Andrew's Hospice

more Presentation of £3800 pounds to St Andrew's Hospice raised by the "Blues Night" at the Market. Congratulations to the "Mazdas", Graeme Scott, John Scott, Stewart Toy and Graeme McLeish.

Neil Burns

Lanark's own shepherd poet


Lanimer Lunch 2012 Top Table

Lanimer Lunch 2012

more Lanimer Lunch 2012 Guests