Membership leads to fellowship - enjoyment of each others company and friendship - and service to the community

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There are Rotary members all over the World, and 35,000 of these are in the UK, offering service to their local communities and to national and international projects when ever and where ever needs are identified.

And here in Essex, the Rotary Club of Witham has thirty active members from all walks of life.  Age does not preclude any person from being an active Rotarian, and many of our members have been drawn from other service clubs such as Round Table, 41 Club, Rotaract and Rotaserve and our doors are open to both male and female members.

Besides service to the community, beign a Rotarian means you are a member of a caring club to share fellowship and fun as the picture shows.

A highlight of the summer is a BBQ - and on the occasion pictured here the weather obliged and members enjoyed the fellowship of Rotary.

Service to the community is largely by support of charities with specific interests, such as hospices, educational and health organisations, youth development and planning for the infrastructure of Witham.

All junior school pupils in Witham are presented with a dictionary in year 5 or 6 and below you can see the dictionaries for distribution in 2015 being sorted ready for despatch to the ten schools.

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