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International Service Committee

The work of this committee has been amalgamated with the Foundation committee.
The aims of the International Service Committee are to: 

1) Support the humanitarian programmes of Rotary International, in particular programmes with an emphasis on water, sanitation, health concerns, poverty reduction strategies and literacy promotion.

2) Respond to disaster relief efforts and rebuilding processes following natural disasters.

3) Support and contribute to the International Development Programmes of the United Nations in the programmes associated with the Millennium Development Goals of the UN.

We also work with the Aquabox and Shelter Box organisations.

The Aquabox

is a strong plastic box with a capacity of 75 litres. It is supplied with a filter and tap along with sufficient water purification tablets to purify 1100 litres of water. This is sufficient water for a family of 4 for approximately 4 months.

The Aquabox is shipped to disaster areas filled with a variety of welfare items. We work with a number of local primary schools where the pupils and teachers organise the collection of the welfare items. Below are pictures of Aquaboxes in use.

Zimbabwe Aqua Box Uganda Aqua Box Indonesia Aqua box

 The Shelter Box

is a tough plastic box containing a 10-person tent and ancillary equipment (sleeping bags, water purifying materials, cooking pots, rope, tools etc.) designed to enable a family of up to 10 people to survive for at least six months.

The objective is to supply materials and equipment that provide shelter, warmth and comfort to those displaced by natural or other disasters. Below are pictures of Shelter Boxes in use

Kenya - Shelter Box camp Java - Shelter Box  in action Shelter boxes in Nepal





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