Mock Interviews in Wrexham Schools

Every year Rotarians visit local schools to carry out hundreds of mock interviews to help young people improve their interview technique. The photographs are a view of the 2019 Interviews at Rhosnesni HS.

MI-03 Core Questions - 1213.pdf              

M1-04Assessment Form- 1213.pdf

MI-07 Interview Application Form - 1213.pdf

MI-06 Preparing for an Interview - 1213.pdf

MI-02 Interviewers Guide - 1213.pdf

MI-01 Overview - Read This First - 1213.pdf

MI-05 On the Day - 1213.pdf

Mock Interview Explanatory Note.pdf


Mock Interviews for Schools was the brain child of the late Rotarian Chris Jones and have been a feature ot the Wrexham Erddig Rotary Club for almost 20 years.

 From small beginnings the process has grown steadily over the years. It is delivered to Year 11 pupils in secondary schools during the Easter Term and aims to prepare them for forthcoming interviews at colleges and the world of work.

The Programme has developed to such an extent that it is the model used by Careers Wales to deliver practice in Interview Procedure to young people throughout North Wales. The materials are also available for all Rotary Clubs to use with the resource material available on a CD Rom and a 'Rotary Mock Interview' website.

Our sister Rotary Club in Granville, NY State, have adopted the model and are using it successfully in the USA so it is now truly international!

  In 2018 the Erddig Club as the lead organiser has delivered the programme to 694 young people in the Wrexham Area. 134 Interviewers were involved.This has been done in conjunction with volunteers from the two other Wrexham Rotary Clubs-Wrexham and Wrexham Yale. In all 84 Rotarians (or Rotary Connected) and 50 from either school contacts or organised by Careers Wales. This time interviews were conducted in 6 of the Wrexham County secondary Schools. In 5 Schools Year 11 pupils were interviewed.

 At Darland  the Head insisted on Year 10 being interviewed. We had doubts about this but interviewer feedback was positive as all pupils were well prepared.

 This extremely worthwhile and valuable programme has developed frm the small seed of an idea from one Rotarian and is having a major effect on the lives of hundreds of young people.

   Anyone who thinks they would like to assist will be most welcome. Please contact Trefor Roberts on or Phil Hughes on Recently retired management, technical and supervisory staff will be particularly welcomed. 

   Interviews are usually conducted during the Spring Term, i.e. January to April each year and are usually conducted between 9.00am and 1.00pm.

  The programme for 2019/20 is :- Clywedog on Fri 25th October 2019; Maelor HS Penley on Fri 6th Dec 2019;  St Joseph HS on Thurs Jan 16th 2020;  Bryn Alyn HS o nFri 6th March 2020; Rhosnesni HS in July 2020.h..

.Mock Interview material can now be downloaded in pdf format by contacting   and printing off the relevant forms as required. Any problems, Please contact Phil Hughes at 01978854197 or on