Our Work Overseas

Our club has many projects overseas in South Africa, Nepal, India and many other countries.



                                                 Our work is spanning the globe.

International Service encompasses actions taken to expand Rotary,s humanitarian reach around the

globe and to promote world understanding and peace.

When Rotarians are confronted with problems too large to o, they start small and keep going ...... build bridges that last.  

'Rotarians make a difference because they make things happen!'

Our Work Overseas sub-pages:

Project in South Africa

more Project with our Twin Club the Rotary Club of Viljoenskroon in South Africa.

Project with RC Viljoenskroon, featured in

more Project in SA for Mphatlalatsane School for the Severely Intellectually Challenged, between RC Cleethorpes, RC Sheffield Vulcan and RC Viljoenskroon

Mini Bus for RC Lavras, Brazil

more A project between our club and clubs in D1270 and the RC Lavras in Brazil and D4560

Humberstone C of E Primary School

more Donation to Humberstone C of E Primary School

Collection for Polio

more End Polio Now Collection on 16th February 2013 at Tesco Extra, Cleethorpes. We collected £ 317.51. Many thanks to all who donated.