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The Foundation Committee in 2019 - 2020 intend to support -
Rotary International Foundation: Ensuring that we meet our commitment of $100 per member

1)               District Grant/s

a.               Carried Over from 2018/19– Ramsey Abbey Walled Garden Eco Loo.  Lead Jeremy Hyde as some digging work still to be done, expected now in Oct 2019


2)               New Grants

a.               2019/20 Kids Out 

b.              2019/20 Ramsey Colts


3)               Polio Plus

a.               Synthetic Crocus collections. 

b.               Live Crocus cost £100 per box of 5,000. Committee agreed we would miss this year.

c.                World Polio Day on Thursday 24th October 2019. Plan to light up a building in Purple E.g. Church / Gateway.

d.               World Understanding and Peace Day on 23rdFebruary 2020. Plan to hold a collection.

We need to advertise better the doubling of any giving for Polio (Public give £1, Bill Gates gives £2 so actual total is £3) Note: is only up to 2023.

Other Involvements: Peace Pole(s) good for School involvement promoting world peace.

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