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Members: David Wallwork (Chair), Peter Walker, John Charlton, Will Cowell and Roger Reynolds

It was agreed that rather than make immediate detailed spending plans priorities for the year would be identified. This will provide more meaning to meetings throughout the year as issues and needs arise. In making spending decisions the committee intend to consider the relative wealth of the receiving country, its culture and the likelihood of lives and opportunities being improved.

Discussion on Disaster Relief led us to feel that this is a whole club issue rather than our Committee. We would like to see a mechanism in place to provide immediate response rather than waiting for Rotary. This tardiness was highlighted at District Assembly where several Northampton Clubs have jointly made their own plan for inevitable emergencies.

The committee also feels that the Club needs to be involved in environmental issues, both local and international, with the use of plastic being a priority.

The Committee would like to continue with the Lend With Care initiative, which is in its third year.

Other identified priorities, not in any particular order; 

·        Provision of clean water, 

·        Sewage and safe waste disposal,

·        Disease prevention, 

·        Training to empower people especially if this results in self sufficiency,

·        Disability

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