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Members:  Ian Caunt (Chair), Richard Whitticase (Vocational Chair), Carole Broom, Robert Stacey, and Simon Marsland.

For 2019/20 the Com/Voc Committee plans to continue supporting certain events and we wish to explore possible projects that will enhance the lives of those in the community whilst at the same time promote a more visible image for Ramsey Rotary.

Projects we would like to pursue:

1.            Kids Out  - the Committee would like to participate again next year. 

2.        Calvert Trust- to endeavour to start early to identify a suitable candidate to participate.   

3.        Last Night of the Proms– 12th October 2019 to continue with the arrangements of the fund raising event. Budgeted income £1,750.

4.        Grafham Water Sailability– to provide volunteers for Ramsey’s rostered dates and to provide help for the Regattas where possible.

5.        Defibrillator– to continue with the project jointly with Ramsey Town Council to provide a Defibrillator in the town. 

6.        Information Board- to provide an Information Board on Great Whyte to commemorate the Clubs 50th Anniversary. 

7.        Chandelier for Mortuary Chapel  - to provide a Chandelier to hang in the Mortuary to enhance its appeal. 

8.        Warboys Amateur Dramatic Society  - to arrange a fund raising event jointly with them for their benefit in lieu of giving them a donation. 

9.        Upwood School Disadvantaged Children– to assist them with a donation when an event for the children has been arranged. 

10.      Ramsey Christmas Lights  - to pay for Halloween and Christmas Parties for children, which the Christmas Lights Committee can use as fund raising events for the Christmas Lights. 

Additional Funding on an annual basis:

British Legion Remembrance Wreath. 

Ramsey Senior Citizens Christmas Meal. 

St. Thomas a Beckett Church Flower Festival. 

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