Club Service Committee

Club Service The Club Administration Committee is responsible with all activities associated with the effective Operation of the Club.

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      Dr William R Williams( Committee Chairman )

  Committee members  Thomas W Green,Roy Hodgkinson,Alan Reeks,Gwyn Thomas.   

Responsibilities of Club Service CommitteeThe main duties of the Club Service (Administration)Committee are to ensure the smooth running of the Club and to organise social events not under the remit of other committees.   The Committee should have oversight of what other committees are planning and act/advise accordingly.   This coming year we are proposing to introduce a project/event proforma for committee chairs to use to inform the CS(A)C and submission to Club Council for endorsement/ratification.

Club Administration

1. The help compile the Club Diary i.e. list of dates of meetings, which need to  be notified to the Heronston (inc.Club Council).   This is usually done with the help of the Club Secretary.

2.  To arrange with the Heronston the menu choices for meals (lunch and dinner only, breakfast is standard).   Liaise with the members responsible for the various lunches/dinners and guest speakers.   Other committees should liaise with these officers for menus for their own functions if held at the Heronston.   Current liaison member with the Heronston is Rtn.Jenny Myerscough and speakers Rtn.Allan Jones.

3.  To help compile the Club Roster.   Any members who have "administrator" access to the Club Website can help with modifying individual member's details.   Support and encourage club members and officers to use the website.   Liaise and attend where invited by chairs of committees on their first meeting to advise members on the use of the website.

4.  Produce a full calendar of all Club Events when committees have finalised their programmes.

Club Social Events (in chronological order for the Rotary Year)

1.  Organise the Handover Dinner in July.

2.  Organise the Garden Party in July.   Liaise with President and Secretary in respect of guest list.

3.  Sort out the dates for the District Quiz as they arise.   The first is usually September.  Away ties, you confirm date and venue with opponents. Home ties also arrange refreshments.

4. Christmas Dinner held in December. Depending on format,liase with all committee chairs.

5. Carol Service held in December. Rtn Hopkin Joseph is the organising member to liase with for this event.

6.  Valentine's Dinner held in February. Rtn.Roy Hodgkinson is the member to liaise with on this event. 

7.  President's Dinner held in May/June. CS(A)C to liaise with the incumbent President to finalise date/venue etc.

8.  Rotary Rambles a particular favourite with some.  CS(A)C to liaise with Rtn. Robin Bratton.

Any other project/events that committee wishes to organise throughout the year should be submitted on the new proforma to the CS(A)C for endorsement and onward transmission to Club Council.

Modifications may need to be made depending on circumstances activities and resources available to the Club. As President Elect I apparently have the choice as to where the dinner after the final Club Council for next year is held.

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