Community Projects

We help out with many local community projects: The Older Driver Forum, Forest Green Community Garden, Stroud Court, Box Wood, Nailsworth Spring Clean, Arkell Centre lunches, Alzheimer's Cafe, Nailsworth Noel and Festival, and Stroud Ambitions.

We help out with a number of community projects in and around Nailsworth. These include reviving the sensory garden at Stroud Court, Forest Green Community Garden, Nailsworth Spring Clean, Box Wood, Arkell Centre lunches, Alzheimer's Cafe, Nailsworth Noel and Festival, and Stroud Ambitions. We also look after many of the town planters.

The Older Drivers Forum

This is about keeping mature drivers on the road safely for longer. Whether that's helping to give you practical and informative help and support to continue driving or pointing you in the right direction for an assessment to identify your driving needs - from wing mirror adapters to an elevated driving seat - we're here to help. For more information click here.

You are invited to take part in a focus group research questionnaire which will help the Forum to develop its local programme for Gloucestershire. If you would .ike to take part in this research please email .    

Arkell Centre Community Lunch

Nailsworth Rotary Club runs a Community Lunch at the end of each month for older people who enjoy getting together for a social meal and a catch up. A delicious hot meal is served, typically meat and vegetables, although vegetarians and special diets are of course catered for. A raffle takes place after the main course followed by puddings, usually cooked by one of the Nailsworth Rotary crew..... and chocolate mints, tea and coffee.

For details contact Nailsworth Rotarian Stephen (01453 872251) who organises the lunches, which are cooked by Nigel Landlord of the Ship Inn in Brimscombe. 'The Ship Inn' has been nominated for the SN&J Pub of the Year, so please vote for Nigel, he's a star! Meals are delivered to the Arkell Centre freshly cooked by Nigel, to be finished off in the kitchen. A comment received from a satisfied guest who attends regularly: "You can tell how much we all enjoy the lunches as we keep coming back again and again!” ….

Box Wood

Nailsworth Rotary club has been helping Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (GWT) in the management of Box Wood, which was recently purchased by Box Village, and our club, together with GWT, ran a 'Cake and Conservation' event during which a woodland glade was opened up. For more details of this work in progress read this extract from the Winter issue of Box News magazine.

Nailsworth Town Planters

There is no doubt that a profusion of flowers makes a huge difference to the ambiance and attractiveness of a town or village. Nailsworth always looks fabulous and Nailsworth Rotary club is very fortunate to have flower expert Thorold and talented ‘mate in horticulture’ Jonathan to help and support the venture. Spring will soon be upon us and so the cycle will begin again, so here’s to a blooming marvellous 2019 spring and summer show of flowers. 

Stroud Court

Stroud Court was established in 1983 by a group of parents with autistic children, it now provides year-round and life-long support for up to 39 autistic adults. Autistic people experience the world differently and so much of the work at Stroud Court is around creating an environment that is calm, safe, and relaxing. Residents enjoy the sensory garden, art centre, nature trail, and swimming pool with sensory sound and lighting.

Nailsworth Rotary Club is not just about donating funds and in this life-changing project, time and expertise are donated by a group of our volunteers to help create outdoor spaces which provide safe and stimulating areas for the residents. The woodland walk was unsafe for residents and so a significant project was undertaken to transform the walk making it safe and enjoyable for residents. 

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