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Club Service planned activities for the coming year

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Club Services

This is my first time being a Chairman of a Committee, and Club Services is quite a first step, so I’ll be looking for much help from the members who this year comprises of Graham Donaldson, Malcolm Ross, Gordon Hepburn and Alistair West.

One thing people know about me is my quiet and shy demeanour, so I will have to vanish this attribute as our club is really at a cross road.   Club Services has undertaken many initiatives to increase membership over the years and has put on some amazing events for current members.

So my first topic is Events

Events I would like to see in the diary for 2016 are

v  Burns Supper – Last week in January.

v  Primary School Quiz

v  Brains of Bridge of Don Quiz – First week in March

v  Community BBQ

v  Beach Clean Up

v  Santa Collection

v  Granite City Rally

v  Xmas Dinner – Early December

v  Theatre

v  Rotary Events

These are events undertaken by our committees and members where we not only attend and help out, but we PUSH the rotary brand and our club in particular. 

So with this much commitment how do we get the time?

2) Club Meetings

 We still want great speakers, but let’s make the speakers night a partners evening, lets also publish these speakers much more in advance and get the public to come.   If we take our horticulturist speaker from a month or so back I mentioned this at Community Council and many wished they could have attended, I wish I had mentioned it.

For our other meetings we should have members speak, even briefly about the events we are undertaking, news from them and their families, work life, social life. 

So the proposal is to get one good speaker a month, and get them arranged early.  The other 3 or 4 meetings become more relaxed, where we talk about the club and our own ambitions and a quick update from all the members (I’ve loved the pictures of holidays from members I’m hoping others did too).

Media and External Relations

My committee will be taking this role on in the next year.   If we have good speakers, the media may be interested, if we do events the media may be interested.  Even if we send a standard email to them, it’s better than nothing.   Social media and web works well, but having events people are interested in is the best publicity.  We will make sure we try all avenues to push this club as an active member of the community so members will feel engaged, but also people know what we do and thus join!

Let’s have our Curling team and any other sport teams report to the club their victories (and defeats),