International and Foundation Committee Programme

International Team: Steve Howe .  Alan Prime

 John Holbrook. Fergus Macdonald

The international team will give serious regard to international disaster events, consideration being given to potential club support.  Likewise there may be needs in deserving areas of the world where health/poverty and many other requirements should be considered for club support.

We will investigate where our club may join with other clubs in the district toward enhanced support to help people in their daily life where needed, inclusive of considering a global grant together.  All committee proposals will be presented to Club Council for consideration prior to being presented to club members for approval.

The team and club members will continue to support Rotary’s own charity, Rotary Foundation, continuing to run the member £10 draw.

We propose to support specific international projects rather than larger organisations, giving consideration to areas of need such as ‘clean water’ possibly sanitation etc.

The team will seriously consider means of ‘fund-raising’, mindful of other club committee’s events. 

The team will investigate the possibility of obtaining a Shelter Box and erect this in a place where the public has the chance to see what is involved, together with any other items that may be available.  To promote what Rotary is all about in trying to generate local community interest, the type of aid that Rotary gives to areas of disaster. Engaging with District to enquire regarding publicity materials etc that we can obtain to distribute and inform the public.

On behalf of the International Team.            

Committee Chair Steve Howe.