Health and Safety


Health and Safety Policy

Alford and District Rotary Club is a small but active Club in the North of Scotland. The Club acknowledges it has a responsibility for the health and safety of its members, volunteers and those we interact with during the many activities we undertake throughout the year. We are committed to plan, organise and conduct our activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Our commitment is outlined in our HSE Policy which is reviewed and signed by the President on behalf of the Club each year.

Child and Vulnerable Adult Policy

In service and in our activities we come in contact with children and vulnerable adults. We acknowledge we have a responsibility to all citizens and in particular the protection of those in our society who may vulnerable. All club activities where there may be contact with children and vulnerable adults are carefully planned and organised. The Club has a Code of Good Practice which is reviewed, accepted and signed by the President each year. All Rotarians are expected to abide by this Code in all club activities and service.

Health and Safety sub-pages:

Risk Assessments

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Risk Assessment Proforma

more The risk assessment proformas are provided here for Club use only. You will need Microsoft Word and Excel (2003 0r later) to use the proforma.