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Working with the Community in Maidenhead

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Community Events 

Poetry Recital Evenings & Resident Poet 

*    Working closely with RBWM Children's Services, supporting 4 Primary schools through funding of a resident Artist and hire of the Magnet Centre.

Senior Citizens' Christmas Lunch - Holiday Inn 

*    Supporting the Holiday Inn staff in inviting Senior citizens from Old Folk Homes, etc. and arranging transport, entertainment and providing Santa, loaded with presents.

Christmas Lunch & Disco 

*   Supporting the Holiday Inn staff in inviting Year 6 of Senior for a Xmas Disco with lunch, making the arrangements and providing Santa, loaded with presents.

Essay Competition & Reading at Holiday Inn 

*    Working closely with RBWM Children's Services, securing the Holiday Inn venue, arranging for the adjudication of essays and providing refreshments and prizes for the winner of each school and overall winner, with each winner reading their 'winning' essay.

Mathemagical Competition 

*    Working closely with RBWM Children's Services, securing the Holiday Inn venue, arranging for the mathematical competition among Years 5 & 6 and 3&4, and providing refreshments and prizes for the winners.

Kids Out 

*     Working closely with , securing funding and entry tickets for , enabling Years 6 & 7 to work together as well as stretching the pupils' outdoor experience under controlled risk environment. 

 Youth Opportunities

RYLA Sponsorship - Rhos-y-Gwaliau 

*    Seek and fund for an 18 to 25 Years old candidate with leadership potential to attend and experience a 'one week' fully funded outbound Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) programme for young people from a wide range of abilities, careers and social levels. This is to develop qualities of leadership, team working, initiative and problem solving at the start of their careers. This programme aims to develop a more complete personality and a new found confidence and skills for young people that are brought back into the workplace and community.

Charity Funding Requests

a. In addition to the above, consideration will also be given for supporting various local, national and international charities that require Rotary support to make a difference in the Community.

Millennium Trust

b. The Committee will liaise jointly with the Truteees to identify medically related areas where the Trust can financially contribute.

 Community Service Projects

*     Sustainability - Explore with RBWM Children's Services the setting up of Environmental Sustainability projects competition among Primary Schools, including RBWM support and funding.

*     Stroke Awareness - Arrange, possibly in collaboration with other Rotary Clubs in Maidenhead, a Stroke Association, Know Your Blood Pressure, event - date tbc.

*     at SchoolsIncrease the number of Rotary Readers from the current 14 No. at 7 Primary Schools;  Additionally, initiate a publicity campaign for new Readers at Primary Schools in collaboration with RBWM Children's Services and the Maidenhead Advertiser, and ultimately consider extendingit to adult Literacy

*     Mathematical Competition - Explore with RBWM Children's Service extending the Mathemagical competition to 5 - 7 year olds in the form of a Rally or Forum to encourage new school entrants to get interested in mathematics.

*     Rotakids - Explore having a joint approach in starting up a Rotakids Club at one of the Primary Schools in Maidenhead in support of an initiative being considered by Maidenhead Rotary Club.

*     Other - Support of any additional specific project or causes as and when identified.

Vocation Projects

The following are being considered:

*     Engaging speaker(s) from local industry / businesses to discuss the social and corporate responsibilities of their company, endeavours for carbon reduction etc.

*     Encouraging non-members to be involved in some of the Club activities.

*     Encouraging more corporate social responsibility involvement with local charities & schools through Rotary.