Rotary Club support for international projects.

The International Committee of the Rotary Club of Abergavenny is responsible for deciding which international projects are to be supported by the Club.  The committee is also responsible for organising and managing that support .

The Club has in recent years supported major projects in Ethiopia.  Working with other Rotary clubs in mainland Europe and a local Rotary Club in Ethiopia, the Rotary Club of Abergavenny was able to provide a Landrover and equipment to enable cataract operations to be carried out in remote villages to save the sight of thousands of people.  For further information, click on the following link to the charity that was supported by the Rotary Club of Abergavenny through Sandy Holt-Wilson.

The Club has also provided Shelterboxes and other equipment to disaster zones such as Haiti (after the earthquake in 2010) and supports other international initiatives promoted by Rotary International (such as the major initiative to eradicate polio worldwide).

International sub-pages:

Letter to Abergavenny Chronicle thanking Rotary Club

more Letter from Sandy Holt-Wilson thanking the Rotary Club of Abergavenny for their role in funding and developing cataract eye surgery in Ethiopia.