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The Rotary Club of Dundee was founded in 1921 and is about to celebrate its Century of Service.

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The Rotary Club of Dundee was founded in 1921 and has a membership of more than 60. We are proud of our status as one of the largest clubs in what was the very first Rotary District in the world. We have spawned daughter and granddaughter clubs and also enjoy the support of a thriving Inner Wheel club. The 'Dundee Waterfront Development,' the £1Billion project pictured above, is the focal point for the city's economic revival strategy. The project features the V&A Museum of Design, the new Railway Station and a Hotel. The Covid pandemic has slowed the pace of revival in Dundee and elsewhere, but with the imminent arrival of vaccines there are high hopes that the transformation can pick up pace again. Dundee Rotary Club has an active fellowship, social and sporting programme throughout the year in addition to our charitable work. All are dependent on the participation and commitment of our members. Our international links are strengthened by our many overseas initiatives with countries including Sweden, France, India, Zimbabwe, the United States and many more. It is in Dundee where most of our activities are focused and especially as we head into our centenary year with a £100, 000 cash bounty for local good causes. We are very proud of our Century of Service. It is an impressive record that we are committed to continuing.