Record of Charitable Donations by Year

Donations by the Club over the last few years.

For details of the Club's Charitable donations by year, click on the year tab below.

Record of Charitable Donations by Year sub-pages:

Charitable giving 2019-20

more Sums and items donated as part of our local, national and inrternational service.


more Charitable Giving this year, 2018-19.

Donations 2017-18

more Charitable donations by Club this year.

Donations 2016-17

more A list of those benefitting from our charitable giving this year. During the Rotary year 2016-17 our Club of 19 members and 4 honorary members has made the donations listed below.

Donations 2015-16

more A LIST OF THOSE BENEFITTING FROM OUR CHARTABLE GIVING THIS YEAR. During the Rotary year 2015 - 2016, our Club (of 18 members and 4 honorary members) has made the donations listed below.

Donations 2014-15

more A list of the Charities/Organisations benefitting from our Charitable giving 2014-15

Donations 2013-14

more Charitable Donations from the Club 2013-14

Donations 2012-13

more Donations to Charities 2012-13

Donations 2011-12

more Charitable Donations by the Club in the year 2011-12

Donations 2007-08

more DONATIONS during 2007-08.

Donations 2008-09

more Donations during 2008-09.

Donations 2009-10

more Donations during 2009-10.

Donations 2010-11

more Donations during 2010-11.