Club Committees

The various committees of the club are listed in this section

Each year the club decides what committee structure to use in order to run the programmes and projects. The committees are listed on the left and there may be some relevant information about each, this depends on the committee itself.

Each Committee typically arranges some internal aspect of the club, for example a number of speaker evenings, as well as overseeing our external projects. Members are not restricted to activities that are "under" their committee, they are encouraged to participate wherever they would like to get involved and bring forward suggestions for programmes, activities and projects.

Club Committees sub-pages:

Club Service

more The Club Service responsibilities are to ensure the smooth running of the Club with a balanced programme of meetings and events

Community Service

more The Community Service Committee is responsible for seeking out opportunities to serve the local community either indirectly through funding or directly through direct, “hands on” activities.

Membership & Hospitality

more This committee. amongst other things, oversees the "health of the club's membership, addresses any membership issues and is responsible for the induction of new Rotarians as well as the retention of the existing ones!

Youth & Vocation

more The Youth and Vocation Committee, as its name suggests, promotes activities with young people in the community and also supports both people to get to use their chosen vocation and the use of the Rotarians profession/ vocation as an opportunity to promote

Club Council

more Club Council is the management board of the Rotary club.


more The International Committee aims to provide valuable assistance to people in those countries where the need is particularly great especially in times of crisis, and when natural disasters strike such as famine, floods, earthquakes and fires


more The Rotary Foundation is Rotary's worldwide charitable trust.

Projects Committee

more The Club runs a number of projects and each is supported by a committee as appropriate.