Pancake Race 2012

Tue 14th February 2012

New format for the Pancake Race is a huge success

There were tow new innovations this year. Firstly, saying to other groups within the town that 50% of the monies they raise go to their charities/good cause and 50% to Rotary charities. Secondly, moving the Pancake Race to half term. It might be strange having the Pancake Race on Valentine's Day rather than Shrove Tuesday, but it certainly brought in a lot of families.

The result of these changes was that we had a record number of entries. There were 8 or 9 Junior Races, 20 teams in the Elite Senior section and 4 veteran teams. 

It was lovely to see so many people at the Pancake Race enjoying themselves. 

Thanks to Waitrose for their sponsorship and support, to MHDC for their continued support and to everyone who turned up to make it such a fantastic day.

Thank you also to the Barefoot Wine Company for their prizes. To find out more about them, please do visit their website.