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Jole Rider Bikes4Africa Programme

Mon 20th February 2012

The Foundation and International Committee have agreed to sponsor Joel Rider Bikes4Africa Programme


This February Jole Rider will ship its 28th sea container of bikes to schools in West Africa.

Inside, along with 300+ other bikes, will be one very special bike destined for a schoolchild in The Gambia.

That bike will be the 10,000th bicycle delivered by jole rider since the bikes4Africa programme began in 2006.

Soon they will have helped more than 10,000 children in Africa to reach their school, fresh, alert and ready to learn.

Rotary Clubs across the UK and Ireland have been involved with their work at different levels.

And this involvement is continuing to expand into the far four corners of Rotary GB&I.

Some Clubs have collected bikes and some have collected money to help fund our work.

Others, including Malvern RC,  have helped by hosting and supporting Eddie, our Guinness World Record breaking cyclist, in his quest to fundraise.

To learn more about Jole Rider and the Bike4Africa programme please go to their site