Youth Services/ Purple Pinkie Days at Dunbar Primary schools

Between 21st February and 1st March members of the Rotary Club of Dunbar visited six primary schools in the Dunbar area to tell them about Rotary International's END POLIO NOW campaign.

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Purple Pinkie Days at Dunbar Primary Schools


For nearly thirty years Rotary International has been working to eliminate polio.  In 1985 polio was enedemic in 125 countries worldwide.  By 2008, through the work of Rotary International with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO and other agencies, polio had been eliminated from all but 4 countries - Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria and India.

In February 2012, India has not reported a single new case of polio for over a year!

The "Purple Pinkie" is the worldwide symbol of the END POLIO NOW campaign.  When children are vaccinated against the disease they dip their pinkie in purple dye to show that they have received the vaccination.

Between 21st February and 1st March, Members of the Dunbar Rotary Club visited six Primary Schools in the Dunbar area to tell them about Purple Pinkie.  During each visit, the children heard a short presentation about polio and Rotary international's campaign to eradicate polio worldwide.  Then the children dipped their own pinkies in purple paint and put a purple fingerprint on an area of a worldmap which is now polio free.

At the end of the presentation the children got a purple stamp on the back of their hand and a sticker to show they had taken part in the programme.

Well over 1000 children took part in the programme and, through their donations, enough money has been raised to provide vaccinations for nearly 4000 children.