Weekly Press Report

Weekly Press Report

These are the Stirling Club's weekly Press Reports

Ian Richardson

Photos by Sandy Morrison

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Alistair Spowage, Alan Rankin, Peter Mehta, Stewart Wilson

President's Handover Friday 1st July 2016

more Peter Mehta hands over to Alan Rankin watched by A.D.G. Alistair Spowage and S.V.P. Stewart Wilson

Speaker:- Citizen Advice Bureau

more Eric Clark and Jim Roach, office bearers from the Stirling branch of the Citizen's Advice Bureau.

Speaker Graham Leisk

more Topic Bird Watching

Club Assembly (Evening) 6.30 for 7.00pm

more Visitor's Host Bill Bryce

Speaker Provost Mike Robbins

more Visitor's Host Colin Bayes

Speaker, Alex Galloway

more Topic, The Alaskan Gold Rush

Speaker Ray Burr of Stirling Cycle Hub

more Get into bike riding go electric

Speaker Jan Anderson

more Jan Anderson's My Job talk

Speaker Adam Gaines

more Prostate cancer Scotland

Speaker Colin Bayes

more Quiz on Yorkshire

Speaker Fergus Wood introduces Kathleen O'Neill

more Report on The Guardians of Scotland

Speaker Philip Allison

more Trout Fishing

Speaker Tom Wilson

more Clydebank Blitz March 1941

Back row, Andrew Niven, Jim Cairns, Jim Watson
Front row President Robert Spears, V.P. Peter Mehta, Alex Scott

Speaker Alex Scott

more Friday 13th Meeting, we enjoyed a visitation from four members of our mother club, The Rotary Club of Falkirk.

Speaker Alasdair MacInnes

more Speaker is Alasdair MacInnes talking about Alloa & District Radio Flying Club with Ian Sutherland

Business Meeting Friday 6th March

more Friday Business Meeting

Speaker Ranald Ross-Watt

more Photo President David Paterson, Ranald Ross-Watt, Senior Vice President Peter Mehta. Photo by Sandy Morrison

Speaker Ian Richadson

more Top table and guests.

Speaker Philip Allison

more Talk by Philip Allison

Speaker Mike Queen,

more V.P. Peter Mehta, Past President Mike Queen, President David Paterson, J.V.P. Stewart Wilson

Meeting at MacRobert

more Members of the top table, (No report)

Speaker Dr. Allan Webster

more Visitor's Host Tom Thomson

Speaker Gordon Murphy

more Visitor's Host Alan Skilling

Speaker Fran Thow (Food Train)

more Food Train

Speaker Peter Mehta

more Visit to Stirling Australia

Speaker Alastair McNeill

more Visitor's Host Colin Bayes

Visit to Stirling - Australia

more Visit by S.V.P. Peter Mehta to Stirling Austalia

Speaker Gordon McCulloch

more Gordon McCulloch, President David Paterson, Derek Anderson, S.V.P. Peter Mehta

Speaker Crawford Gordon

more Speaker Crawford Gordon

Vice President Alan Rankin, Aijaz Jabbar, President David Paterson

Speaker Elspeth King

more Vice President Alan Rankin, Aijaz Jabbar, President David Paterson

£1000 cheque to Parkinsons Research 11/07/14

more Talk by Parkinson's

Speaker Derek Anderson (4-7-2014)

more J.V.P. Alan Rankin, President David Paterson, P.P. Derek Anderson, V.P. Peter Mehta

Speaker Robin Sutton

more Front row, Robin Sutton, Megan McColl, President Martin Ross, V.P. David Paterson

No Meeting Today

more Visitors Host Edmond Mansion

Speaker Ranald Ross-Watt

more Friday's speaker Ranald Ross-Watt

Speaker Pam McNicol ,Stirling County Archivist

more Front row L-R, PP Alex Scott, Speaker Pam McNicol, President Martin Ross Back row VP David Paterson, PP Crawford Gordon, PP Ian Richardson

Speaker Bill Sim

more This weeks photo back row J.V.P. Peter Mehta and P.P. Crawford Gordon. Seated P.P. Sandy Leven, P.P. Bill Sim and President Martin Ross

Speaker David Kinnaird of Ghost Walks, Stirling

more Group Photo with David Kinnaird

Speaker Ian Richardson

more Rotary Meeting Friday 4th April

12.55 Lunch Meeting, Speaker's Host John Rankin

more Photo back row Stewart Wilson, V.P. David Paterson, sitting, President Martin Ross, Dr John Rankin

Speaker's Host Alan Rankin with Danny & Heston

more Our speaker Danny Gallagher first introduced Heston a handsome well behaved Labrador, with whom he works as part of Canine Partners. Photo shows Peter Mehta and Jim Kerr V.P. David Paterson, Danny Gallagher, Alan Rankin Heston the Lab

Speaker's Host Mike Queen,

more J.V.P. Peter Mehta, V.P. David Paterson Front Row, Mike Queen, Speaker Ilona Broatch, President Martin Ross

12.55 Lunch Meeting, Speaker's Host Alan Prentice

more Peter Mehta, Alan Prentice, David Paterson

Zoja Bazarnic

12.55 Lunch Meeting, Speaker's Host Crawford Gordon

more Front Row, S.V.P. David Paterson, I.W. President Margaret Sutton, Past President Crawford Gordon, American Consulate Zoja Bazarnic, President Martin Ross, Liz Gordon

President Martin Ross with speaker Paul Henke, V.P. David Paterson and Alex Galloway

Speaker's Host Sandy Morrison

more Speaker Paul Henke

Speaker Dist Gov. Jim Houston

more Back Row J.V.P. Peter Mehta, Sandy Whitehead, Jim Kerr Front Row S.V.P. David Paterson, Dist. Gov. Jim Houston, President Martin Ross

Speaker Derek Robertson

more Colin Bayes, Derek Robertson, President Martin Ross

J.V.P. Peter Mehta, Gordon Murphy, S.V.P. David Paterson

Speaker Gordon Murphy

more Picture shows J.V.P. Peter Mehta, Speaker Gordon Murphy, S.V.P. David Paterson

Speaker Ian Dickson - Prostate Cancer UK

more Weekly Report 31st Jan. 2014 Photo Past President Crawford Gordon, President Martin Ross, V.P. David Paterson, speaker Ian Dickson, Alastair McNeill

Speaker Jane Stanley

more Weekly Meeting Friday 17 Jan. 2014

2013 Prize winners

Business Meeting, Prize winners

more Photo of Prize Winners

No Friday Meeting (Presidents Night 5th Dec) V.H. Mike Queen

more No Report

Dr Hassan Al Hourani, guest of Peter Mehta.

Speaker's Host Peter Mehta

more Meeting 3rd Jan 2014

12.55 Lunch Speaker's Golden Lion Xmas Lunch, V. H. John Rankin, G.H. Alex Scott

more No Report

Speaker James McKenzie (Stirling Street Pastors)

more Speaker James McKenzie

Don MacLeod, Sandy Farquharson, John McRitchie, Martin Ross

Speaker Don MacLeod

more 1st Nov. 2013 Weekly Report

Robin Sutton - Greg Saunders - President Crawford

Speaker Greg Saunders from N.Z.

more Speaker Greg Saunders on a works project in New Zealand

Frank Trzebiatwski

Speaker Frank Trzebiatwski

more Speaker Frank Trzebiatwski

Golf AM/AM Report

more Rotary Am-Am Golf Match at Stirling Golf Club

President Martin presents Caitlin Willis

Speaker Caitlin Willis (RYLA)

more Friday Meeting 23rd August 2013 President Martin presents Caitlin Willis

Special General Meeting

more S.A.G.M.

Robin, Alex, Fay and President Martin

Speaker Alex Galloway

more Weekly meeting 4th October 2013 Photo Robin, Alex, Fay and President Martin

Speaker Rhona Bremner, Carewatch

more Weekly Report 6-9-13

12.55 Lunch, Business Meeting, V.H. Peter Metha,

more 25th Oct. 2013

12.55 Lunch, Speakers Host Elspeth King, V.H. Alastair McNeill, G.H. Alan Prentice

more Weekly Report 11-10-13

A.D.G. John Anderson, Peter Mehta, and President Martin

Speaker Peter Mehta

more Weekly Meeting 27-09-13

12.55 Lunch Business Meeting, V.H. Don MacLeod

more Weekly meeting

Speaker Jim Prentice

more Weekly Report 24-5-2013

President Crawford, Ranald Ross-Watt, V.P. Martin Ross

Speaker Ranald Ross-Watt,

more Report By Ranald on Ranald

President Crawford Gordon, Dr Ian Richardson, VP Martin Ross

Speaker Ian Richardson.

more Ian Richardson Jaunt up the Hooghly

President Crawford Gordon, Alan Prentice, V.P. Martin Ross

Speaker John Rankin

more Weekly Meeting Friday 15th

Business Meeting

more Weekly Meeting 8-3-2013

Jim Prentice, Alan Park, President Crawford Gordon, V.P. Martin Ross

Speaker Alan Park

more Alan Park speaker from The Scotch Whisky Association

President Crawford Gordon, Derek Robertson, Colin Bayes

Speaker's Host Derek Anderson,

more Induction new member Derek Robertson

Sadia Sheikh of CHAS receives a cheque from President Crawford

Cheque Presentation to CHAS

more Cheque Presentation to CHAS

John Yellowlees (4th from L) plus example of train planter.

Speaker John Yellowlees

more Proposed Train Planter for Stirling Station

Speaker Alastair McNeill

more Speaker Alastair McNeill

12.55 Golden Lion Xmas Lunch, Visitor's Host Sandy Leven

more No Report

No Meeting (President's Night 6th Dec),

more Presidents Night

Special General Meeting

more Special General Meeting

Speaker Gordon Stewart Vice Chair of Scotcentral Credit Union

more Weekly Meeting 16-11-12

Group Photo Richard Cooper left of President Crawford

Speaker Richard Cooper, joint founder of Cascade Technologies

more 9 Nov. 2012 Speaker, Richard Cooper, joint founder of Cascade Technologies

Claus and Milly Grah from Solingen Rotary Club in Germany, President Crawford, V.P. Martin Ross

Speaker Edmond Mansion

more 2nd Nov. 2012 Speaker Edmond Mansion (My Job Talk)

Speaker Host Sandy Leven

more Sandy Leven's talk

President Crawford Gordon and Dist. Governor Cath. Chorley

Speaker D.G. Cath. Chorley, World Porridge Day

more 12-10-12 Weekly Meeting, World Porridge Day

Gordon McCulloch, President Crawford Gordon

Speaker Gordon McCulloch

more Speaker Gordon McCulloch

President Crawford Gordon, Alex Galloway, visitor Ian Ross, V.P. Martin Ross

Speaker Host Alex Galloway

more Speaker Alex Galloway

Business Meeting

more Stirling Rotary Club Business Meeting 21/9/12

Speaker Sandy Farquharson + Guests

Speaker Sandy Farquharson

more Sandy Farquharson's Talk plus Guests

Malcolm Cordwell-Smith, President Crawford Gordon, Gerry McKewown (Speaker), Philip Allison,V.P. Martin Ross

Speaker Gerry McKeown (Camphill, Blairdrummond)

more Speaker Gerry McKeown, Camphill Trust, plus presentation of two Fishing Trophies

Our speaker Donald Davidson

Speaker Donald Davidson, Mary's Meals

more Mary's Meals

Alan Bradshaw, visitor Joan Trew from Taxas, President Crawford Gordon

Speaker Alan Bradshaw

more Speaker Alan Bradshaw, Rotarian visitor Joan Trew from the Downtown Rotary Club, Fort Worth, Texas, President Crawford Gordon.

President Crawford Gordon, Ashley Watson, Jacquetta Megarry

Speaker Ashley Watson 2012 RYLA Student

more RYLA Student Ashley Watson

President Crawford, Speaker Colin Bayes, V.P. Martin Ross

Speaker Colin Bayes on Trip to Vietnam

more Speaker Colin Bayes

Meeting cancelled due to Stuart Badenoch's funeral

more Funeral of Stuart Badenoch

Stewart Anderson, Alasdair Beaton President Crawford Gordon

Speaker Alasdair Beaton

more Speakers Host Stewart Anderson, speaker Alasdair Beaton

President Crawford Gordon, Derek Anderson, V.P. Martin Ross

Speaker Derek Anderson

more Derek Anderson's talk on Isle of Man

Speaker Tom Wilson

more Tom Wilson gave an interesting talk on Bar Codes

V.P. Crawford Gordon,Ian Milton, Avril Ewing, President Frank Kelly

Speaker Stirling Rotarian Ian Milton

more Talk by Ian Milton

F.R. Jim Prentice, Ella Kennedy MBE, President Frank Kelly, Edmond Mansion
B.R. Aland Rankin, Ian Milton, Philip Allison, Stewart Wilson

Speaker Ella Kennedy MBE, Rocktalk

more Speaker Ella Kennedy MBE on Rocktalk New members Jim Prentice and Edmond Mansion, Wylkedin Golf Trophy Winners Philip Allison and Ian Milton

President Frank, A.D.G. Samantha Miller, President Elect Crawford Gordon

Club Assembly Thursday 7th. Visit by Samantha Miller

more Club Assembly, President Elect Crawford Gordon's team tell the club what to expect during 2012-13

V.P. Crawford Gordon, P.P. Tommy Thomson, J.V.P. Martin Ross

Speaker Tommy Thomson on Geothermal Heating

more Tommy Thomson wears a tie for this photograph following his talk on Geothermal Heating.

President Frank, V.P.Crawford Gordon, J.V.P.Martin Ross

Speaker Crawford Gordon 04-05-2012

more Weekly Meeting Friday 4th May 2012 Speaker V.P. Crawford Gordon Subject, Quintinshill Rail Disaster Vote of Thanks, J.V.P. Martin Ross

V.P. Crawford Gordon, Jacquetta Megarry, Paul Prescott

Report 30-03-12 The Mary Queen of Scot's Way

more 2012-03-30 Talk Mary Queen of Scot Way

Report 09-03-12 Alan Bradshaw

more 2012-03-09 New Member Alan Bradshaw

V.P. Crawford Gordon, Ranald Ross-Watt, President Frank Kelly, J.V.P. Martin Ross

Steam Engines, Ranald Ross-Watt 06-04-12

more Steam Engines talk by Ranald Ross-Watt

The attached photo shows a group of Stirling Rotary Club members and visitors. Front row, middle, is President Frank Kelly with, on his left (our right) Eddie Cramb, President of Carse of Stirling Rotary Club.

Speaker Bill Sim, The Hole in the Ground

more Talk by Bill Sim, visit by President Eddie Cramb and guests from Carse of Stirling

Malcolm Cordwell-Smith and President Frank Kelly

Malcolm's MGA

more Malcolm Cordwell-Smith is congratulated by President Frank Kelly with his MGA Sports Car.

Alex Scott, J.V.P. Martin Ross, Scott McMaster, V.P. Crawford Gordon, President Frank Kelly

Scott McMaster on The Battle of Bannockburn Site

more 13-04-12 Scott McMaster, Battle of Bannockburn Site

President Frank congratulates J.V.P. David Patterson

New J.V.P. 16-03-2012

more New J.V.P. David Paterson 16-03-2012

Captain Bill Hodgson presentation of his painting to President Frank

Report 17-2-12 Bill Hodgson

more Report of Bill Hodgson

Report 02-03-12 Yorkhill Presentation

more 2012-03-02,Yorkhill Presentation

Robin Sutton, Stewart Wilson and President Frank

Report 13-01-27 Stewart Wilson

more Weekly Reoprt 27-01-12 Stewart Wilson