Wensleydale Wander 2012 report

There were 400 entries for this year's Wander- a record!

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 Most still turned up despite some atrocious weather, with one walker from South Shields driving through a blizzard on his way! It was the first time in at least 10 years that we have had rain for the start, but people were still smiling as can be seen on the photos. Fortunately, the rain soon stopped, the sun shone from time to time, and conditions became almost ideal for a brisk walk or run. Perhaps because of that, the first runner to complete the 12.5 mile"walk", Les Hunter from Preston under Scar, did so in 96.02 minutes, while almost all walkers completed the 22.9 mile route in under the 8 hours target, the last pair only taking an extra 15 minutes.

Refreshments at the 13mile checkpoint on the Long walk were even more appreciated than usual, this year, with hot drinks, in the form of tea and coffee, being added to the usual cold drinks and real sausages in a bun.

The Wander was originally designed as a challenge walk,and it still is that, but the increasing number of runners that enter clearly enjoy making it into a race. Two ladies told me that they were using it as practice for the Coniston marathon in a few weeks time.

For the full results, click on WW 2012 Results

NB A number of runners and walkers entered for the Long route decided to change to the Short, thereby creating some surprisingly good time in the computerised results table! However, there are no prizes, so no-one gained by this.

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