Report for A.G.M. 2012 from Club P.R. and website committee

P.R. and website committee's report to 2012 A.G.M.


In association with the three committee members: Peter Long, David Cook and David Farnell we:

- helped to maintain the Club website by gathering in photographs and reports and keeping the facility up-to-date

- David Cook provided information to members about accessing social media links as a communication and marketing tool (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)

- regular issues of the Club Bulletin have been circulated from time to time

- the Member's handbook was produced during June

- the Club's major public event and fund raising effort is the Annual Brass band Concert, started in 1998. Considerable effort is involved to prepare publicity material, to obtain advertising for the concert programme from local businesses, to publish the programme and tickets and to organise the main posters. Club members and regular attendees at the concert provide excellent support which in 2011 enabled almost £4000 to be raised by the concert and programme publicity.