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Biggar, Carluke and Lanark Clubs Building Tinto Cairn

Building Tinto Cairn :Biggar Carluke and Lanark Clubs

With a dread in our hearts because of the weather but fellowship and commitment in our heads Drew Walker and myself represented the club by taking a hike up Tinto with 5 members organised by the Biggar club. It was a very reasonable walk until we got to the top where conditions worsened, but having come this far we knuckled down to some serious labour with Drew mixing concrete and myself sorting suitable rocks for dry stane work. A lot harder than it looks believe me and in a gale even harder . David Low lifted our spirits with some excellent salmon sandwiches, mars bars and drinks funny how you get through these things but we ended up with a half built cairn, it was too high for the concrete to stay in place if we had added more. The worst part was lifting the roundel for the top as it weighed about two hundredweight and the rocks were very slippery, but again sheer determination seen us through, what a day! Needless to say Biggar came back next day to finish and had marvellous weather

August 2012

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