We are a proud sponsor of the Rotaract Club of Edinburgh

Esk Valley Rotary are one of two proud sponsors of the Rotaract Club of Edinburgh. Rotaract is a programme that was created by Rotary International in 1968 with this idea of bringing community service in to the lives of younger people. Rotaract works very much like Rotary, except that they meet twice a month for meetings and have many more social events in between! Their club has around 15 members, both students and professionals, and they are still eligibile for all of the youth and student competitions and scholarships that Rotary do.

Rotaract and Esk Valley Rotary work together to complete projects, each club supporting the other and we enjoy spending time together.

Rotaract Club of Edinburgh - Serving the City!

The main goals of Rotaract are:

  • To support our community through community service projects and volunteering
  • To support various charities by fundraising and similar activities
  • To learn for our future (professional development), e.g. by inviting speakers to our meetings
  • To have lots of fun along the way by meeting new people and generally having a good time!

Rotaract is an international organisation for 18-30 year olds with more than 7,600 clubs in 158 countries around the world. Rotaract is a part of Rotary International - and is open to everyone from 18-30 who wants to help, learn and develop.

Rotaract and Rotary are specifically not affiliated to any political party, religious group or other ideology.

Right, so what is Rotaract in Edinburgh all about, what kind of projects do we do, and why should you join us?! Well, come and find out! We'd love to see you again at our next meeting. At our meetings, we'll tell you more about Rotaract, what we've done in the past and our upcoming events and projects. There'll be time to have a drink or two, and to get to know everyone. Also, if you have an idea for a community service project or a charity you want to support, please let us know! Rotaract is really about what we want it to be, so if you have any ideas, that'd be great!

The Rotaract Club of Edinburgh meet on most Mondays at 7pm in the Kenilworth on Rose Street Street, Edinburgh. There are more details on their website about other events outwith these times.

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