Associate Membership

Information on the new style of Associate Membership

The Associate Membership Scheme aims to allow an individual to become associated and acquainted with our Rotary Club, with its members, its programmes and projects, and with the expectations of membership.

A likely candidate would be a person who feels precluded from joining the Club for reasons of business or family commitments, but nevertheless expresses an interest, and whose experience and skills appear to make her / him suitable for membership. The Club will consider admitting her / him on the basis of Associate Membership, on terms and conditions differing from those applying to Full Membership.

An individual would be able to hold Associate Membership for a period of up to twelve months and may apply for conversion to Full Membership at any time during this period. On conclusion of the twelve month 'familiarisation' period, and if thought appropriate by the Club, she / he would otherwise be invited to convert to Full Membership .

An individual would be encouraged to participate in all Club sponsored service projects and Club social events in an effort to involve the Associate Member fully in Club activities. She / he would also be encouraged to attend any or all of the Club's programme of weekly meetings.

Associate Members would not be eligible to hold any Club officer position, but will be encouraged to work as a Member on any of the Club's Committees, in order to gain a clearer insight of the Club's structure and management.

Associate Members would not be allowed to vote on any Club matters.

Becoming an Associate Member for such a twelve month period will not involve any membership subscription for that period, though the cost of participation in weekly meals at Club meetings and social events would be payable. On deciding to convert to Full Membership status, the full subscription would then apply, payable by two six-monthly instalments, or in monthly instalments as desired.


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