Rotary is an International organisation and there are several initiatives that Danetre support. Details of these can be found here.

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International sub-pages:

Foodbank in Nepal

more Danetre Rotary are building a strong relationship with a Rotary Club in Nepal. This club have been helping distribute food during the recent floods in Nepal. Danetre helped by sending funds.

Sol Nepal Project Update

more This is the biggest International Project Danetre has attempted and this page provides an update to 25th May 2021

Sol Nepal - Fund Raising

more How do you get your banner on this Solar Panel? If you a Rotary Club you pledge to donate £500 to Danetre for the Project. For individuals please donate as much as you can afford.

Update to Vision Aid

more Every 8 weeks a collection of Spectacles is arranged by Ian Clarke and his partner Helen.

Donate your spectacles and help the world to see!

Vision Aid

more Danetre Rotary Club collect and box up around 1000 pairs of unwanted spectacles each month.

Mercy Ships

more Mercy Ships is an international faith-based organisation with a mission to increase access to health care throughout the world.

Lorraine testing eyes whilst on the Mercy Ship

Nurse of the Week Lorraine Montgomery

more When I came back from Sierra Leone, my husband noticed I was different. I was only there for three weeks but I found things very difficult because we take so much for granted in this country.

President Peter Montgomery runs the Marathon on behalf of Mercy Ships.

President Runs Marathon

more President Peter Montgomery runs the Marathon on behalf of Mercy Ships.