Charter Celebrations

Danetre celebrates its "birthday" in November. Recently these celebrations have included weekend trips abroad.

Charter Celebrations sub-pages:

Barcelona Trip 2015

more 7:50 on the 13th flying out of Luton for a weekend in Barcelona. Weekend finishes at 22:10 when we fly into Luton.

2007 Venice

more Charter Trip to Venice

2009 - Paris

more Coming soon a slideshow of our weekend in Paris

2011 - Rome

more Sample pictures from the trip to Rome

2012 Peter's Charter Night

more The 16th Charter Celebration took place at Whittlebury Hall and a very good time was had by all.

A significant statue in Nice. See the slide show for more pictures!

Trip to Nice

more Charter Weekend in Nice 8 Rotarians and their Partners have a fun weekend in Nice.

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Aqua Origami

more I saw an email from Mike to Neil and itmentioned Aqua Origami so I guess this could be happening tonight.

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