'What We Do' - in the community

'Service above Self'

We see it as a priority that Currie Balerno Rotary should be an integral part of the local community - liaising with, interacting with, and supporting local institutions, local charities and local initiatives. We also see as a priority the protection and enhancement of the local environment.  Both of these are featured here, along with other examples of our work in the community.


We feature on this page:

·      co-operation in the community, highlighting out partnerships with other local organisations;

·      Food banks, supporting two local food banks with funding and action;

·      protecting and enhancing the environment – a priority for us and for Rotary across the world;

·      children’s craft fairs and our gift-wrapping service, both at the Gyle Shopping Centre – the craft fairs at school holiday times and the gift wrapping at Christmas;

·      the Pentlands Ukrainian Support Group, which provides help and support for Ukrainians in our community and with which we have been associated from its inception;

·      the display of flowers in Currie, which we have maintained each year since the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002;

·      the Community Chest – set up by Currie Balerno Rotary in 2016 and now administered jointly with Balerno Village Trust – which provides grants to support projects seen to be of value to the community; and

·      Riding for the Disabled, with which we have enjoyed a close relationship for more than 30 years.

And there’s more.

·      We have supported the Currie Community Centre, contributing towards the cost of building maintenance and repairs.

·      We enjoy a close relationship with the Currie and Balerno News. We submit articles regularly to the magazine and for many years we provided a delivery service to local newsagents and retailers; and we have recorded audio extracts for local visually impaired residents.

·      Whilst we ourselves have contributed to our local community, we recognise that others make substantial contributions, whether individually or as members of groups or organisations and we have presented Community Service Awards to mark exceptional contributions and to show our respect for those contributions.

'What We Do' - in the community sub-pages:


more Set up by Currie Balerno Rotary in 2016 but now jointly managed with Balerno Village Trust


more A Rotary priority, locally and internationally.

Food Banks

more supporting two local food banks

logos of partnering organisations

Achievement Through Co-operation

more working with other organisations to achieve more.

Riding for the Disabled (RDA)

more We have supported RDA in Balerno for over 30 years.

Plants on railings at Currie

Currie Flowers

more We have maintained a flower display at Currie every year since 2002.

Craft fair at the Gyle Centre

Childrens Craft Fairs and Gift Wrapping

more All at The Gyle Shopping Centre

Pentlands Ukrainian Support Group

more Partnership established 2022