'What We Do' - support for young people

Rotary places a high priority on support for young people, not only in terms of academic and social development at home but also in raising awareness of and making contact with other cultures internationally.

We feature on this page:

·       the annual Rotary Young Musician Competition, which we have supported with considerable success every year since 1998 – until COVID intervened;

·       the Currie Balerno Rotary Individual Youth Grants;

·       the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards scheme, for which we have sponsored local youngsters; and

·       the Georgia Rotary Scholarship programme, from which local students have benefited.

But there’s much more. We have:

·       the Schools Quiz Competitions – we have organised a very successful annual Primary Schools Quiz competition, involving up to seven local schools and this was extended to the Balerno and Currie High Schools in 2019;

·       the Rotary Global Scholars scheme, which encourages and sponsors post-graduate students to pursue their studies in foreign universities. We have hosted a number of these students over the years;

·       we have sponsored Scottish post-graduate students pursuing studies in line with Rotary objectives;

·       we have supported local high schools undertaking international projects; and

·       we have supported local schools, youth and junior sports organisations, especially through the Community Chest, which is featured separately.

'What We Do' - support for young people sub-pages:

Quiz underway!

Primary Schools Quiz

more annual quiz reinstated in 2024


Individual Youth Grants Scheme

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The Rotary Young Musician competition

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more RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Georgia Rotary Scholarship Programme

more We have had great success in sponsoring students over the years