We're for Communities

Were for Communities.

Rotary is at the heart of many communities within the United Kingdom. Wherever there is a town or a city, there is a Rotary club either in a town / city or near at hand.

Club members are passionate about the communities in which they live and work and those overseas.



We look to bring about positive change in our neighbourhoods by fostering and helping to build strong communities.

Every event, initiative or project that we run   - whether it is local, national or international  is rooted in the notion of community.



Our club webpages will give you a taste of who Westhill & District Rotary are and what we are involved  in.

One of our main objectives is to support local, national and international charities by involving ourselves in fundraising projects and working with other not-for-profit organisations whilst having a good time and making  friends.


If you have access to Facebook - check out our Westhill Rotary Club page....you don't have to join Facebook just check us out through Google or any other search engine.

If your 


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