Santa Float Routes 2018

We will be touring parts of Worsley, Walkden, Little Hulton, Wardley, Ellenbrook, Boothstown, Winton. and Moorside between 28th November & 19th December,

We will be touring parts of Worsley, Walkden, Little Hulton, Wardley,  Ellenbrook, Boothstown, Winton and Moorside.  TESCO Walkden on 15th & 16th December and TESCO Farnwworth on 18th & 19th December.

Listed below are the Street Routes routes we intend to follow this year

We will also be at Tescos Walkden on the 15th and 16th and Tescos Farnworth on the 18th and 19th December.

We are also very pleased to announce that we will again be including the 3 routes we added to our schedule last year. These cover the following areas ..............

     Friday, 7th December – Coniston Avenue/Eastham Way
     Monday, 17th December – Birch Road/Rydal Crescent     
     Wednesday, 19th December – Madams Wood Road 



Please note that It could be that because of adverse weather or other circumstances beyond our control starting or completing a particular route is not possible. 

Please also note that if a road listed is printed in this colour it means that we will not be driving past all the houses. In these instances we will park the Float at the entrance whilst we collect from houses in the close vicinity.
         The Start time for all routes is 6:30 pm and Finish time is 9 pm

1.    Wednesday, 28th November       Wardley         

2.    Thursday, 29th November           Walkden North

3.    Friday, 30th November                Whittle Street 

4.    Monday, 3rd December               Worsley/The Green/Drywood

5.    Tuesday, 4th December               Barons Fold & Amblecote

6.    Wednesday, 5th December         Ringlow Park & Broadoak

7.    Thursday, 6th December              Standfield/Ellenbrook South

8.    Friday, 7th December                   Moorside South 

9.     Friday, 7th December                   Coniston Avenue/Eastham Way 

10.   Monday, 10th December              Worsley Village

11.   Tuesday, 11th December              Boothstown

12.   Wednesday, 12th December       Kenyon Way

13.   Thursday, 13th December           Ellenbrook North/Broadway  
14.  Friday, 14th December                Roe Green

15.  Monday, 17th December             Birch Road/Rydall Crescent

16.  Tuesday, 18th December            Walker Road/Westwood Estate

17.  Wednesday, 19th December       Madams Wood

(ALL fields required)