Fri 7th December 2012

The Aquaboxes packed and ready to go.

AQUABOX is an official project of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland and Rotary International District 1220, managed by its initiators, the Rotary Club of Wirksworth in Derbyshire.


Formerly operated under the provisions of The Barrie Griffiths Rotary Trust (Registered Charity No. 1015854) which is a memorial trust of the Rotary Club of Wirksworth, AQUABOX has now been established as a Charitable Company, Limited by Guarantee. It is under the provisions of the charitable status that we seek a donation in return for the box rather than making an outright sale.


Project Goal: To provide in the wake of both man made and natural disasters a rapid response provision of safe drinking water and welfare aid items.


Rotary Service Type: Involves either funding, organized collection or a combination of both.


Unique Selling Proposition: An inexpensive ( under 1p per litre ) easily transported and simple to operate method of restoring safe drinking water thus helping to minimize the outbreak of disease.

The scheme is operated entirely by unpaid volunteers. With the exception of warehousing, promotional and communications costs and annual professional charges, it has no overheads.

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