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The club has for a number of years been supporting the education of 2 pupils at St Josephs, Chennai, India 

The following is taken from the charity website;

St. Josephs Social Service Centre was born out of the initiative of Sister Bakkiam.Fsj., in the 1984. Being a Franciscan nun, her concern for the poor and the love she has for the marginalized in the society is unparalleled.Situated at the foothill of St. Thomas Mount, Chennai, children from various backgrounds are provided with day care, education and health care.  

At present the full project funds all the hostel care needs for 25 semi-orphaned children who are living in the centre. It funds the education at the English speaking Montfort School for 28 children from the centre and also the poor neighbourhood area. School uniforms are provided for 45 children at English and Tamil schools as well as uniforms for around 80 cr