International/ Sand Dams District 1010 Magazine Report

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Sand Dam Update (taken from D1010 magazine)I am delighted to report that the Sand dam funded by contributions from Rotary Clubs in District 1010 has now been completed. The Dam was built by and for the Munyuni Self Help Group in the District of Kathonzweni, between Nairobi and Mombassa in Kenya. (Logistics provided by Excellent Development and the Africa Sand Dam Foundation). This Dam will provide a safe year round water supply for up to 1000 people for life. Similar Dams built over the last 30 years have continued to be productive with virtually no maintenance. It is anticipated that this Dam will allow the Munyuni community to transform from a dependant, subsistence farming based existence to a thriving agriculture based village with the ability to sell surplus produce. The time saved in water collection during the dry season will allow greater uptake of education for the next generation.

This initiative was started by District International Officer Eleanor Macalister and myself at the start of the 2011-12 Rotary Year ; contributions were sought from interested Rotary Clubs. Once it was clear that it was a viable project, Sand Dams was given District Accredited status and I was named District Sand Dams Coordinator. Our Dam cost