Thu 27th June 2013 at 12.00 am -

VOCATIONAL VISIT TO ROLLS ROYCE. 24 of us went to Rolls Royce car factory in Goodwood on 27 June. Organiser Mike Eyers. Story and pictures by John C and John R below.

This Vocational visit attracted the maximum numbers for the tour. We went by coach to the Rolls Royce car factory on the Goodwood estate. A beautiful building befitting the rather special cars. No photos were allowed inside the factory and cleanliness was paramount.  We were issued with inelegant beige knee length coats and set off along a gantry running above the whole of the factory floor. While describing it as a factory it was more like a hospital theatre. Interestingly although the production  line was supposed to be running there were virtually no workers in sight throughout our two hour tour and our guide was at a loss to explain this. Maybe they didn't like the look of us.
We were able to see the cars from chassis to completed vehicles and it was quite fascinating. Most of us had been to other more industrial car factories - what a difference.
A worthwhile and very interesting visit. Well done Mike Eyers for organising it.