Host's Duties

List of Host's duties for weekly meetings

The Host's Duties

At each weekly meeting, the host's duties include:

     Before the meeting:

  • Hang up (Helston-Lizard) banners before the meeting
  • Put out the Lectern and the Bell
  • Ensure any music in the meeting room is off.
  • Meet and greet any guests; introduce them to Club President
  • Ring the bell at 8pm for dinner

     During the meeting

  • Say Grace before dinner
  • Check the names and Clubs of visiting Rotarians and guests on the Attendance Sheet
  • Check/Update attendance list with apologies from the Apologies Book and any received by Secretary
  • Invite Visitors/Guests/Guest Speaker(s) to sign the Guest Book (kept in lectern)
  • Liaise with Secretary to provide attendance cards to any visiting Rotarians
  • If there is a Speaker, check that Treasurer has paid for his/her meal 
  • After dinner, announce members and introduce guests (the venue should let you have the attendance sheet).
  • Introduce guests ensuring appropriate use of "guest of Rotarian xxx".
  • Give Vote of Thanks to Speaker, where appropriate

     After the meeting

  • After the meeting, pass attendance sheet to Attendance Officer or Secretary
  • Put away the banners, lectern and bell


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