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Details of projects local to Frome

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Details of past or ongoing projects which are in or around Frome which the Rotary club has supported or is supporting.

    Knds Out at Longleat (Day out for special children)

    Support to Frome Half Marathon (marshalling)

    Support to Frome Show (Childrens' idnetity wristbands/ general help)

   Support to the Cheese Show (marshalling/ set up logisitics)

    Assistance/ advice and guidance to YMCA

In recent years the club has supported many organisations and individuals including:

Waterworld (Water box)
Frome Day Centre
Gateway Club
Open Storytellers
Local Guide Trip
Rotary Kids Out
Harry's Hydro
Dorothy House
Mock Interviews for students
Flood Appeal for Somerset Levels
Routes Cafe, Frome (YMCA)

The projects for this year will include some of those above as well as new ones which will appear on the site shortly.

updated 11/5/18