Our Work Overseas/ Mini Bus for RC Lavras, Brazil

Thu 4th July 2013 at 12.00 am - Thu 12th September 2013 - 12.00 am

A project between our club and clubs in D1270 and the RC Lavras in Brazil and D4560

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  The Institute of Hospitality and Recovery Eternal Mercy received the Mini Bus this week.  received the Mini Bus this week.re 

The Rotary Club of Lavras systematically been providing voluntary services through its associated entity benefited, bringing food, clothing and especially the warmth and internal project coordinators. Several visits have happened to the project, including exchange students GSE, with Governor 2012/2013 District 4560 and finally with the exchange students between the last GSE District 4560 and 1270, where we had an exchange student indicated by the Rotary Club of Lavras that after visiting the organization, led to a sketch of your exchange partner for a Matching Grant Project, aimed precisely acquiring utility vehicle (Van). Tenure proposal for obtaining partners and photos, can the partnership of the Rotary Club of Cleethorpes, England, recorded in RI under number 20019.

We are immensely grateful to the GSE exchange students 2012/2013 in our district 4560, which visited the district in 1270, mainly to exchange students sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lavras, Juliana Moreira Magalhaes, who initiated the negotiations with Rolf Sperr, chairman of that district and Rotary Foudation Matching now apparent that this Grant.

Rotary Club intends to continue providing these services Lavras volunteers leading dignity, love and solidarity with the Institute of Hospitality and Recovery Eternal Mercy, including as to assist them in building the new home. This utility will help a lot in social work and administrative entity.