EVERY PENNY WE RAISE FOR CHARITY WILL BE GIVEN TO CHARITY - THERE IS NO SKIMMING OR TOP-SLICING. On this occasion the money went to the Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust .

Some people think of Rotary as simply a fund raising organisation. A few years ago, when we were 'rattling tins' in front of Mirfield Coop one person asked: 'is this all that you do?'

Of course we do rattle tins - occasionally. But we also do other things to raise funds. Why do we raise funds?

In recent years we have donated £3750 to Kirkwood Hospice and over £1000 to Ravens Hall School.

The money we raised also helped us to support a Young Chef competition, send two young people to a leadership training course, help Matrix and the Salvation Army. We also were able to sponsor one young adult to attend Youth Sail were people spend a week at sea under sail.

Rotary is proud that every penny raised for charity is used for charitable purpose. There is no top-slicing or skimming of money we raise. So, if you want 100% of your money to go to someone in need then Rotary is the channel.

Our most recent fundraising event was Carol singing at Mirfield Co-op - a great local business who regularly sponsors our events. In just 2 hours the good and generous people of Mirfield donated £350 which we will be donating to Northorpe Hall Child and Families Trust.

Ravenshall School

A visit to Ravenshall School is always uplifting and inspirational. A feeling of love and caring eminates from all who work there and this embraces the children giving them confidence to acheive and become fulfilled. On our last visit our President Gill Poole and Rtn Elizabeth Higgins enjoyed a most moving production of the Christmas Nativity Play. Every child had a part and we could see the joy in their faces when they were on stage and acting out their part. What stunning stars, sheepand shepherds graced the stage.

The demands on the school are growing and children attending with ever more complex needs. More specialist equipment is needed and our members through the good offices and skills in Indian cooking of Chris and John Philip raised £500. Thanks to a Rotary District Grant this was doubled to £1000 which has already been put to good use buying teaching aids.

Mirfield Rotary Sing for Children’s Mental Health!

Rtn's Liz Higgins and Gill Hawksworth of Mirfield Rotary Club have presented a cheque for £312 to Tom Taylor, Director of Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust.  The funds were raised from donations collected during an enthusiastic Saturday morning of carol singing at Mirfield’s Cooperative supermarket just before Christmas 2017.

Tom Taylor said “Mirfield Rotary and the Coop have given us fantastic support in recent years, helping us to support more children with their mental and emotional health.” 

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